Commencement Features Olympian

Commencement Features Olympian

Oak Valley’s Commencement features Willie Banks, Olympian, world-record triple jumper, and successful business leader. Mr. Banks will share the inspiration that helped him move from the Olympic stadium to serve in a variety of national and international leadership roles.

Mr. Banks’ path through Olympics and World Championships provides a fitting metaphor to students - spend years preparing yourself, then speed down a runway, timing your steps just right to hit your mark and stretch to reach your goal.

40% Default Rates Projected to Hit Student Loans...Soon!

40% Default Rates Projected to Hit Student Loans...Soon!

The Brookings Institute reports that default rates for students entering college in the early 2000’s could top 40% by 2023. As we reported earlier, student loans continue to weigh heavily on consumers.

You may have read that loans on cars and other consumer debts are rising steadily and, in some cases, are at record levels. This is troublesome in an economy that is at, or near, its peak.

When YOUR Student Loan Becomes MY Problem

When YOUR Student Loan Becomes MY Problem

While the title off this article may sound absurd, it is not.

In March of last year, Federal Reserve Chief Jay Powell testified before Congress that student loan indebtedness could have a material impact on economic growth. For the first time in our country’s history, some analysts feel that student loans may trigger, or at least help initiate, the next recession. How did we get here?

Powerful Themes

Oak Valley’s Board engaged in a visioning exercise yesterday where four major themes emerged:

  1. Transforming Lives

  2. Growing Community

  3. Free of Debt

  4. Full of Purpose

If you have been around for a while, you probably already know what this means. If you are new, learn more about how Oak Valley is pursuing this vision in powerful ways. Be part of Oak Valley and see higher education reimagined.

Catch the Vision

Join Oak Valley College this spring at the Vision Dinner, April 23 at Benedict Castle. To RSVP, click here. This is the signature event of the year. Come and celebrate Oak Valley’s inaugural graduating class. This year’s Vision Dinner continues to be a free event. There will be a request at the end of the Dinner to support Oak Valley with your financial gift. The goal for 2019 is to raise $250,000 to provide scholarships for students and boost the College to next level in its development and maturity. Sponsorship opportunities for the Dinner are also available.

For information and details, contact Mark Leonard,

Accent on Academics

By Dean Gayle L:inn

As I interview students year after year, the number one problem that all struggle with is time management. Far greater than any lesson learned in class are those learned in dealing with schedules, prioritizing and facing the “tyranny of the urgent.”

Learning to budget time, like learning to budget one’s finances is a matter of allocation. The only difference is money can be earned again even after it is wasted or lost – time cannot. Your time is exactly that – YOURS. You determine how you will use it or how you will allow others to use it. One student who had fallen behind in her assignments this semester got help from an older sibling. Her sister suggested a calendar/appointment book. The student related how she spent an enjoyable time in a bookstore looking at many different options until she settled on one. She proudly showed me how she color-coordinated her different responsibilities and classes into her weekly schedule. She then went on to prioritize assignments in order to catch up and then remain current. She was rewarded when she saw her grades improve and her stress level lessen.

Another student was frustrated with family members who kept pulling him away from his studies to help out with “emergencies” or activities that would just “take a few minutes.” He had to calmly explain to them at a family gathering that he loved them all very much, but he needed their help in assisting him in being successful in school. He assured them that he would attend as many family events as he could, but that there would be times he would need to study. They needed to hear that “no” was not a rejection but rather a choice to use his time wisely in achieving his goals.

“Until you value yourself, you will not value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.” – M. Scott Peck Each of these students is learning that as they value their time, they are investing it more wisely and are closer to reaching their goals.

View from Above

By Professor Terry Morrow

When we think of heaven we often think of our loved ones who have gone on before us. What are they doing right now? We might think of how wonderful it will be to be with them, enjoying the pleasures of paradise. We might even think about what it will be like to see Jesus, the One that we adore and yet have never seen nor heard his voice. Or perhaps we are excited about seeing the Seraphim who right now are flying about God’s throne proclaiming his holiness.

So it begs the question for each of us to ask, who are followers of Jesus, what will heaven really be like? Is it possible for us to get our minds around how wonderful it will be? Is there any way for a child of God to comprehend what our eternal home is going to be like, look like and sound like?

Paul tells us that he experienced being in the presence of God. He saw things that he was not allowed to share. Why? Was it too difficult for him to put into words? Was it nothing that he had imagined? Did God tell him that he couldn’t tell us? What did he see? What did he hear? So many questions flood our minds.

It is the hunger of every believer’s heart to know what heaven is like. We long for our earthly journey to be over. We can’t wait to be with Jesus and those we love. Each day is just another day closer to being in this place that we call heaven.

The next time you look up into the heavens, may your heart swell with joy and your mind be overcome with the anticipation of being in the presence of our Savior. Set your eyes on the heavens. Home is just around the corner.

Visit Oak Valley

When you see students learning in a small cohort, you gain an appreciation for the family-centered learning environment that makes Oak Valley uniquely personal. Earning your bachelor’s degree should be a transformational experience, and at Oak Valley that transformation comes from engaging with a small group of peers. You work together and live, learn, and grow together.

Come to Oak Valley College - Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2019

Apply now, and we will waive the $50 Application Fee as soon as you make a campus visit. This is a great time for you to plan for the future and explore what a debt-free college experience is like. No student loans means freedom from the crushing debt that most students face. What are you waiting for? You will earn your degree in three years at Oak Valley College for less than the cost of a single semester at most private colleges. Apply today and get the best financial aid package.

Welcome the Class of 2021

Classes are underway, and a new cohort has joined the Class of 2019 and 2020. Fall Semester is the best time to come for a campus visit. If you or someone you know wants to come to OVC in Fall 2019, now is the time to start the process. Visit campus, talk with professors and students, and consider what life may be like for the class of 2022.

This is your time to join something great and become part of a college experience built around you Apply today, or contact Amber Lesseg,, Admissions Counselor, to arrange for a campus visit.