Questions & answers

Q.  Why should I consider Oak Valley College?

A.  You will experience a distinctive, personal, practical, and affordable degree program. In less than three years, you will graduate debt-free with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, having developed problem solving, communication, and career skills. 

Q.  Can I really earn a degree without going into debt?

A. OVC is more affordable than any other bachelor's program...that we know of. Most students pay monthly, about what it costs to own a good used car. Your total cost is likely less than a single semester at most private colleges.

Q.  How am I able to graduate with a bachelor's degree in three years?

A.  You enroll in three semesters each year (trimesters) and complete a total of 128 units. By going to school for two summer semesters, you graduate in less than three years. It is not more work.

   Fall:  September-December

   Winter/Spring:  January-April

   Spring/Summer:  May-August

Q.  Why should I consider Oak Valley College over more established colleges?

A.  There are many advantages Oak Valley College offers.

  1. We are small. Class sizes are anticipated to be 25 students or less. In each course, you receive personal attention.

  2. We are Christian. We care about your spiritual growth and personal development.

  3. We are affordable. You will graduate debt-free. You can focus on your career and not worry about paying back a mound of student loans.

  4. We are practical. You gain real-world experience. Learn it today...apply it tomorrow.

Q.  What are my career options?

A.  There are hundreds of career paths you may pursue in business, ministry, or nonprofits. Upon earning a BA in Business, you may launch your career in just about any direction you wish from owning your own business to working in a well established organization. What do you want to do? We want to know, so we can tailor your education to help you reach your goals.

Upon graduation, the typical Oak Valley College student will have worked on more than a dozen real-world projects, developed a full business plan, delivered more numerous professional presentations, and gained more than 3,000 hours of practical work experience.

You will expand your Christian worldview, develop a mature sense of self, and gain a rich understanding moral and ethical leadership.   

Finally, you will mature into a critical thinker, real-world problem solver, communicator, and compassionate contributor to your family and community.  

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