Start with the end in mind

Upon graduation, the typical Oak Valley College student will have worked on more than a dozen real-world projects, developed a full business plan, delivered professional presentations, and gained more than 3,000 hours of practical work experience.

Oak Valley is dedicated to prepare you for exceptional career opportunities. Oak Valley students are prepared to move into rewarding positions in business, nonprofits, or ministries. The goal is to see each student reach his/her full potential. Career services are provided before the first day of class and never end. Current students have been received job opportunities, mentoring, internships, and other career services to help them prepare for careers during, and after, attending college.

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Gregg Simmons serves as Career Services Director. Gregg has worked in career services most of his career, having worked in higher education career services for more than two decades. Most recently, Gregg served as Director of Athlete Career and Education Services for the US Olympic Committee (USOC). In this capacity, Gregg helped Olympic athletes plan for their career after being an Olympian.

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