Withdrawing from course(s) or Program

In order to officially withdraw from Oak Valley course(s) or the program, please acknowledge that you have reviewed the following items.

Name *
I understand that by withdrawing from one or more courses, I may lose my ability to graduate with my cohort. *
I understand that if I withdraw from the program, and I wish to return at a later date, I will be subject to new catalog requirements when I return, which may include higher tuition and other fees, new graduation requirements, and any new policies and standards contained in the catalog and/or student handbook. *
I understand that I am withdrawing for the current semester, and I am responsible for all tuition and fees due. If I have an outstanding balance due, I will complete my payments. I may be entitled to a full or partial refund if the semester is less than 60% over and no refund, thereafter. *
I understand that no record of my grade will be issued if I withdraw before the sixth week of the semester, a grade of "W" will be issued if I withdraw between weeks 6-10, and I will receive an "F" if I withdraw after the 10th week of the semester. *
I understand that personal academic and financial aid counseling was made available to assist in making this decision. *
As an alternative to withdrawing, you may take a leave of absence. If you intend to return within the next year (three semesters), a leave of absence is a suitable option. You will need to work with your academic advisor or the dean to ensure your have a plan to return on a given date/semester. *
Please list the title of the course(s) or "entire program."
I am fully aware of the consequences outlined above and wish to complete my withdraw as described. This action will be effective immediately, and I acknowledge that this withdraw may not be reversed. *
I wish to withdraw... *
My primary reason for taking this action is *