General Grievance - Procedure

The student grievance procedure ensures that students may present grievances regarding an action or inaction by a member of the Oak Valley community. The following provides a consistent way of resolving grievances in a fair and just manner.

This procedure applies to offenses related to academic freedom, alleged discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, or disability, problems arising in the relationship between a student and another student, Oak Valley staff, administrators, or faculty, as well as any other grievance that may not be governed by other specific policies (  

Upon request from any member of the community, the Dean will provide guidance about the appropriate system for redress. If the Dean is not the appropriate channel, or the individual submitting the grievance does not wish to bring the complaint to the Dean, the complainant may bring the complaint to the Faculty Chair, President, or Executive Vice President who will address the complaint and, as necessary, inform the Dean.

The Dean, or designee, will ask the complainant to submit the complaint in writing, providing as much detail as possible and identifying witnesses, if any. The Dean, or designee, shall review the facts of the case, including any recommendations and findings of the committee. The complainant, Dean, or designee, may request to assemble a committee of three disinterested staff or faculty members, and, potentially, a student (in cases that are not sensitive to the complainant or student community) to hear the complaint.  The complainant may be asked to provide evidence, direct testimony, and identify any witnesses, upon request of the committee.The

The committee, if assembled, will be guided by the Dean, or designee, with a list of potential remedies based on the nature of the complaint. Depending on the severity of the complain, remedies range from a reprimand to expulsion or personnel decision (for staff or faculty), or referral to local law enforcement, if the Dean, or designee, identifies that laws may have been broken.

In all cases, the Dean, or designee, and committee, if assembled, will follow the spirit of the Honor Code in approaching all matters.