General Grievance - Procedure

The Student Grievance Procedure ensures that students may present grievances regarding an action or inaction by a member of the College community and that the College has a consistent way of resolving those grievances in a fair and just manner.

This Student Grievance Procedure applies to alleged discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, or disability as well as problems arising in the relationship between a student and the College that are not governed by other specific grievance procedures.  

Upon request from any student, the Dean will provide guidance about the appropriate system for redress, including but not limited to, counseling  or referral to law enforcement.  

In cases involving student conduct, the Dean may assemble a committee, inclusive of an disinterested staff or faculty member, and/or another or community member familiar with issues of student conduct. In such cases, the committee shall consist of at least three individuals, not including the Dean.  The Dean shall review the facts of the case, including any recommendations and findings of the committee.