Navigating the path to college is a mystery for even those who have done all the right things. It is common for young people to see the world of college as completely foreign. How do I know what school is right for me? How do I get in? What can I expect when I get there? What do I study? How will I fit in? 

Accessibility, affordability, preparedness, the right "fit," you can explore all of these questions and more in a series of low pressure, low stress workshops offered by Oak Valley College. Whether you are 16 or 25, these workshops can help you navigate the ins-and-outs of finding the right place for you in the world of higher education. You can succeed, if you get started now. Sign up below,a and we will confirm you for the next session.

Sessions are typically scheduled 4-6pm, the first Sunday of the month. Below are a list of the workshops offered. If you are looking for a specific workshop, please let us know, and we will tell you when that topic will be covered.

  1. Exploring your college options - State universities, community colleges, and private colleges, which is right for me?
  2. Christian vs. "other" colleges - Similarities, differences, and opportunities for success
  3. Academic preparation - What to expect and how to succeed
  4. What to study? - Options and pathways to success
  5. Academic preparation - How high school curriculum does and does not translate to success in college
  6. Paying for college - Opportunities, options, and tradeoffs
  7. What to do now - Feel behind? Assessing where you and what you need to do next
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