Home away from home

When visiting Oak Valley, the traditional classroom experience seems familiar but uniquely fresh and distinct.


Probably the most distinguishing feature of student life at Oak Valley is the cohort. You enter college with a small group of students. You take each course together, led by a professor who is both an exceptional teacher and leader in his/her profession.

That shared experience frames the meaning of college, transforming the individual student, which allows you to live, learn, and grow to become a mature member of the Oak Valley community.


Talk with students and you hear a lot of terms that you most commonly associate with families. It is amazing to see how frequently students support each other, connect both in and out of class, and strengthen the bonds that help them achieve their goals. In the end, you develop lifelong friendships that extend well beyond classroom learning, homework, and projects.

 Ultimately, the Oak Valley community is freshly rewarding and filled with energy, It is challenging, fun, serious, and casual…all at the same time.

ready to learn more…and expect more from college. check this out.

Since most Oak Valley students work to pay their own tuition, they pursue learning with a sense of purpose. As is fairly common, you tend to take things more seriously when you are paying for them. Oak Valley’s affordability means most students are able to cover most or all of their tuition with a part-time job.

Rebekah Pastorelle.jpeg
I greatly appreciate that Oak Valley pushes me to learn more, do more, and be more. Rebekah Pastorelle - Class of 2021