Monthly Payment Plan

Oak Valley offers the Monthly Payment Plan for all students. As outlined in your Enrollment Form, the Payment Plan is available at any time, and you may cancel your enrollment in the Plan at any time (an additional $50 per semester convenience fee applies).

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By signing up to the Plan, you agree to set up a regular schedule of payments online (via Populi). You recognize that you are responsible for making your payments on time. Late or missing payments may result in late fees or dismissal from the College.

The only alternative to enrolling in the Plan is making full payment of your semester tuition on the schedule due date.

Some important things you need to consider when enrolling in the Plan.

  1. When you are on the Plan, you are charged an additional $50 per semester for enrolling in the Plan. The $50 fee is factored into your monthly payments.

  2. When on the Plan you must make automatic electronic payments from your bank account or via debit/credit card (ACH payment). ACH payments (directly from your bank account) are free. However, credit/debit card payments incur a 3% surcharge (in addition to the $50 Plan fee)


As long as you are an active student (currently enrolled), you are eligible to enroll in the Plan. To enroll, please contact When in Populi you will see the amount due based on your Plan enrollment.

Late Payments

As outlined in your Enrollment Form, late payments may incur a $30 late payment fee.