WASC Accreditation Update


Oak Valley College continues its march toward accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). When starting this process, it seemed like an incredibly long process, but now, things seem to move rather quickly. 

OVC is in the midst of a formal Program Review where academic experts provide critical feedback about OVC's curriculum and program and offer opportunities for improvement. Dean Linn and I have completed a comprehensive internal review of the program and handed it off to OVC Board Members, Joe Grana and Gary Miller. Joe and Gary are intimately familiar with WASC standards and have participated in multiple reviews, so we are thankful to have that expertise available to us. 

At the end of summer, the Review will go to Derry Connolly, President at John Paul Catholic University, and Gayle Copeland, Provost at Fresno Pacific University, who will provide an external review. 

In 2019, a final report will be sent to WASC by July, a site visit team will visit in September, and WASC will provide a determination to OVC by February 2020. 

OVC seeks formal recognition of "Candidacy" at that time which is a step below accreditation but carries all the benefits and recognition, including recognition by the US Department of Education for Federal Financial Aid.