Vision Dinner Raises $38,000 for Scholarships

More than $38,000 was raised this past Tuesday for student scholarships at Oak Valley College, greatly exceeding the goal to raise $25,000. Nearly 100 guests came together at Benedict Castle in Riverside to hear inspiring stories of how Oak Valley continues to support students with a debt-free bachelor’s degree, which students are able to earn in three years.

Graduating Senior Hannah Morris spoke about how the past three years transformed her from a shy student to a confident leader. She explained that she never intended to pursue a business degree, but the opportunity to earn her degree in three years with no student loans was too compelling to pass up.

Hannah’s experience is similar to many Oak Valley students. Hannah had previously attended another university.. She loved the experience, but after one semester, she did the math and became acutely aware that the debt she was taking on was simply too much to continue. She withdrew, regrouped, and soon discovered that Oak Valley presented a great option for her to get her college dreams back on track.

Now, as she prepares for graduation this Saturday, Hannah is still not sure where her degree will take her in her career. However, she is well aware that Oak Valley is exactly what she needed at a time in her life when other colleges or universities seemed to present dead-ends.

Hannah is pleased to have studied business and the options it giver her. As she told the Vision Dinner audience, “2019 Hannah is confident and well-prepared for the future.”

At the Vision Dinner, President Blum said, “It is humbling to see all these people come out and support these young people. Complete strangers gave $100, $250, and even $2,500 for students they have never met. The generosity of individuals who want to see a high-quality alternative to the status quo in higher education is overwhelming.”

Board Member Glenn Tetley, Principal of Tetley Wealth Management, added, “Oak Valley is disruptive in a similar way to so many start-ups these days. Higher education is an industry that is ripe for innovation, and Oak Valley is taking advantage of that opportunity. The idea that students have to take on tens of thousands of dollars in loans to earn their degree is unsustainable and must change. Oak Valley’s model to provide a high-quality debt-free bachelor’s degree that students are able to earn in three-years is revolutionary. Oak Valley could become the Amazon of higher education.”