View from Above

By Professor Terry Morrow

When we think of heaven we often think of our loved ones who have gone on before us. What are they doing right now? We might think of how wonderful it will be to be with them, enjoying the pleasures of paradise. We might even think about what it will be like to see Jesus, the One that we adore and yet have never seen nor heard his voice. Or perhaps we are excited about seeing the Seraphim who right now are flying about God’s throne proclaiming his holiness.

So it begs the question for each of us to ask, who are followers of Jesus, what will heaven really be like? Is it possible for us to get our minds around how wonderful it will be? Is there any way for a child of God to comprehend what our eternal home is going to be like, look like and sound like?

Paul tells us that he experienced being in the presence of God. He saw things that he was not allowed to share. Why? Was it too difficult for him to put into words? Was it nothing that he had imagined? Did God tell him that he couldn’t tell us? What did he see? What did he hear? So many questions flood our minds.

It is the hunger of every believer’s heart to know what heaven is like. We long for our earthly journey to be over. We can’t wait to be with Jesus and those we love. Each day is just another day closer to being in this place that we call heaven.

The next time you look up into the heavens, may your heart swell with joy and your mind be overcome with the anticipation of being in the presence of our Savior. Set your eyes on the heavens. Home is just around the corner.