Student Profile - Meet Alayna

When you first meet Alayna, you get the sense that this is someone you want to get to know. Alayna carries herself with a quiet confidence. Maybe you know someone like that. She keeps to herself, until others get to know her. She comes across as responsible, caring, and able to get things done without making it about her. She is not someone that needs the headlines.

Alayna is a junior (soon to be senior). She is another first generation college student at Oak Valley. She describes her parents as hard-workers. Alayna’s father came to the US from El Salvador when he was 15. He dropped out of high school to work. He and Alayna’s mother married young. He now drives for Fed-Ex, and he instills in Alayna - work hard, get an education, and a good career.

Alayna works for Food for Less. Her supervisor would describe her as responsible and hard working. She plans to go into HR or some creative field (marketing?), but she would love to launch a nonprofit. Her sister suffers from juvenile epilepsy, and she would like to start an organization that supports people like her sister.

Like many young people, Alayna is ultimately open to many opportunities. Ultimately, she wants to make a difference and support her family. Her family has encouraged her with the desire and drive to do good.

Now, onto a few fun facts. Alayna loves fries and hates slackers (people who do not take advantage of the opportunities given to them). She works hard to get over her shyness and wants people around her who care about making a difference.

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