Enrollment Milestone at Oak Valley College

Oak Valley just filled its Fall 2019 enrollment. After opening in September 2016, Oak Valley reached a significant milestone in its development and growth. This week, a wait-list has started for Fall Semester. Every year a few enrolled students must withdraw, so it is anticipated that wait listed students who complete the admission process in the next few weeks may still be able to enroll in the Fall.

As a distinctly different kind of college, Oak Valley has tapped into the angst and pressure students often feel to either chase expensive private education, meander through the maze of community college to the Cal State system (it typically takes 6+ years to graduate with a bachelor’s degree from the public system, or forgo college for the future.

Benefits of a private liberal arts education is well documented. Not only do students get all their required courses, but they are able to work, directly, with professors (not teaching assistants), and they have support systems to help them graduate on time.

Oak Valley takes the benefits of a liberal arts education further by providing a cohort system where students work together through their courses, thus providing a support system and fool-proof way to graduate on-time. There are no electives, and the single major ensures that students stay focused. Finally, by attending two summer semesters, students graduate in 32 months, a full year ahead of their peers. Students are able to enter their career paths or graduate school and progress farther faster.

Today’s enrollment milestone seems to indicate that this is catching on with students and parents in a meaningful way.

If you know of someone who can benefit from an Oak Valley education, encourage him/her to apply now to get on the wait list for Fall or start the application process for Fall 2020.