Semesters and years

While many subjects can be learned in different ways (e.g. online), the tried and true standard of classroom teaching done over a long period of time (e.g. semester by semester) is still the preferred method of teaching and learning.  Why is that? 

Most subjects take time to master.  Writing, for example, is still best done through practice. Trying to perform writing in short bursts can often lead to frustration and poor results.  Most writing instructors will tell you that the best way to improve writing is to do it over and over.

So, why does it still take years to earn a degree?  There have been some alternative approaches to earning a college degree (e.g. experiential learning), but those approaches have remained at the fringe of higher education.

Earning a college degree is more than acquiring facts, figures, and completing lessons.  It is largely about maturing through a process that takes a considerable amount of time.  At the heart of college is connecting with others who are at a similar stage in life and being taught by a professor - someone who is passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the subject.

Ultimately, earning a college degree is less about acquiring facts and figures, and more about making personal and deep connections to a host of disciplines (e.g. history, science, economics, etc.)

Oak Valley College builds those connections.  You learn through the same approach that has been proven over hundreds of years.  Live, learn, and grow with us.  Apply now.