New Year = New You

Why not start the New Year off in a new direction?  College is a time of transition.  A time of change and new opportunities.  Take advantage of these new options, by pursuing a purposeful degree at Oak Valley College.  You will never be lost, and you will never lose your compass at OVC.  

We offer you a personal Christian college experience framed by people who care about you and how you mature to serve others.  We do not tell you what to think (that is freedom), but we help teach you how to think critically about the world around you.  We expect you to mature with your peers.  That will help you become an effective leader.

Also, as you will see, we do not leave you with a lot of burdens.  We do not leave you with a burden of student loans (you will graduate without them).  

You are not left to wander aimlessly through coursework you do not need to graduate, thereby allowing you to graduate in three years.  It is not more work, we just eliminated the lengthy summer break.  You take three semesters per year, allowing you to graduate a year ahead of your peers and well ahead of most students who take five or more years to graduate...if they graduate at all.

In the end, OVC gets you on track with the freedom to explore your future.  Why not apply today and get started on your path to freedom.  Hurry, and we will waive the $50 application fee.