Minimalism Creates Value

Titles are sometimes misleading, as in the title of this piece, but there is a point. Oak Valley College evokes a sort of minimalist approach that students, professors, and benefactors recognize as carrying a great deal of value. Minimalism, by definition, carries its value through efficiency. 

Art historians and critics point out that minimalist art is not "lacking," it is simply artwork that makes efficient use of resources to convey meaning, message, or emotional connectivity with its audience. Us common people may approach such art and think, "I could have done that in 15 minutes." Doubtful!

Here is a good example of what we do at OVC. Students have asked about printing papers on campus. Recently, OVC explored adding printing services. One service charges $69 per month plus 15 cents per page. After careful consideration, the tradeoff was considered, and it was recognized that students could more effectively purchase a personal ink-jet printer at a reasonable cost (less than this service), and they would enjoy more benefits than being charged a student service fee to have access to a printer on campus. Ultimately, the opportunity to print papers on campus is not deemed "mission critical." 

Career services, on the other hand, are mission critical. OVC continues to offer these services at no additional cost to students. At a recent all-day Career Workshop, students explored mentoring, networking, resume preparation, online/social media, and interviewing skills.

Starting in March, OVC is introducing a twice a month speaker series, again at no extra cost, featuring professionals from various walks of life to engage with students, network, and share experiences in how to balance work, life, and faith.

Finally, and most importantly, classroom education is at the heart of what OVC offers. Each professor takes a personalized and custom approach to teaching each class. Courses are never "cookie-cutter." Each course is carefully planned based on the students' perspective, and all the courses fold into the overall program (degree) plan. Schedules, program goals, learning outcomes, and career opportunities are part of OVC's master plan.

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