Meet Miquella (Class of 2020)

Meet Miquella - a junior at Oak Valley. Born when her mom was 19, Miquella grew up in a small town an hour outside of Sacramento and moved to northwestern Louisana for high school. 

Miquella never felt at home in Louisana, as the culture and her own family dynamics presented many challenges. Before graduating high school, she became determined to transform her life by moving and making her way to a better future back in California.

She was very close to an aunt who lived in Redlands, and she asked to move-in after high graduating school. It would not be easy. Her aunt insisted that Miquella support herself, including paying rent.

Miquella embraced the opportunity and came to California. She landed a job at Nectar Clothing, where she has risen to lead pricing inventory for the seven store chain. 

After working a year and settling into her new family situation with her aunt, uncle, and younger cousins, Miquella considered attending Crafton Hills College. At roughly the same time, she heard about Oak Valley from a connection at her church.

Miquella was excited to explore her faith at another level. While the business major was not what she originally intended (she considered the creative arts). she appreciated its practicality. 

When she came to Oak Valley, she found a culture that fit her aspirations. She loves her church family, but she wanted to find a deeper appreciation for God's Word. She has come to find that in the Theology courses at Oak Valley. She really enjoys the depth that Professor Morrow and other professors offer. She also finds the other courses challenging and help her build her career skills.

Able to balance work, life, and school with great success, Miquella has been on the Dean's List every semester and pushes herself to excel. She also serves as Student Body Secretary this year where she and fellow students are working on a business plan to launch Oak Valley's Student Center. 

Miquella has come to appreciate the small family environment at Oak Valley. "I make close connections with people, so I love the cohort style and how much the professors care about the students. They do not just teach and leave. They really support students."

In particular, Miquella enjoyed applying her artistic talents in her Marketing Principles course first semester, and she says that Philosophy has helped her develop a deeper appreciation for how to think at a more sophisticated level. She adds, "Professor Morrow's Theology courses contributed the most to my life. His teaching helped me understand the 'why' behind what I believe."

Miquella would love to jump into a career in animation, but she could see herself in many different areas. Right now, she is mostly just content to learn more and take the next step in her journey.