Launch Pad

The Launch Pad experience at Oak Valley College teaches you how to think about, refine, test, and launch a new product or service.  This may be for a business, ministry, or nonprofit.

However, the Launch Pad is more than that.  Young people are full of great ideas.  Some ideas, while they are great, may not be practical, or they may be fleeting ideas and not something you really want to pursue.  By looking at ideas with others in a safe and comfortable space - the classroom - you get a better sense of how to turn a great idea into something you really want to pursue.  

This experience also helps you understand the lifecycle of a product or service and what effort it takes to keep it going.  The best ideas will be launched, and you get to see your creation reach the light of day.

In the end, you demonstrate to future employers something you made...from an idea to something real.