Faculty Profile - Economics from Down Under

To many people economic theory seems upside down. Thus, it seems only fitting that Oak Valley’s Professor Robert Brocco comes from Down Under. As a transplanted Aussie, he fits the stereotype of the thickly-accented overtly friendly persona found in popular culture, and he seems only too happy to play up the stereotype to students.

Always wearing a smile and easily engaging in conversation, students flock to hear his stories…and are laugh politely at his corny jokes. Behind that carefree and pleasant veneer, lies a man with a purpose and passion for people.

Professor Brocco has a missional heart. Transplanting himself from Australia to the United States in 2002, Professor Brocco came to the States to teach science at Ontario Christian High School. Outside of science, his long-held expertise lies in finance and economics. He believes in the power of economics education to transform young people’s lives.

Ask any one of his students, and you find Professor Brocco has the ability to simplify economic concepts and make them tangible and accessible to those who did not get a lot out of their high school economics lessons.

Professor Brocco develops meaningful connections with students. He is a patient teacher, giving those students who need a little extra support everything they need. With that personable and approachable demeanor, students never feel intimidated in asking questions about a topic that is often intimidating to undergraduate students.

Professor Brocco understands the power of economics education and uses that power to support his life’s mission to “be an encourager.” While he is quick with a dry joke, he is equally as quick with a kind word or an ear to listen. He embodies the spirit of love for strangers, and he serves students with a caring and compassionate approach to an often dry and unforgiving subject.

Ultimately, Professor Brocco considers his work successful when he sees students empowered to pursue their dreams through wealth creation. By teaching economics, he knows he has a direct influence on that path as students struggle through the complexity of macro and micro economic theories that he simplifies and explains through practical applied lessons.