Debt-free vs. the other options

According to The College Board, last year, the cost of attending private colleges averaged $43,921 and public universities were $19,548.  We know it may not sound real, but Oak Valley College tuition, FOR EARNING YOUR ENTIRE DEGREE, is around $10,000.  That is not a misprint.  We do that by not paying high costs to sustain a campus, expensive athletic programs, or high administrative salaries.

It may be surprising to know that these, along with many other extras, is what drives the costs of higher education in America.  Many (most?) university presidents, both public and private, earn $500,000 or more, even at Christian colleges.  

While some people may argue that you pay for this expertise, we believe paying high salaries for public benefit organizations is not right.  In Europe, where college costs are much more affordable, you typically do not see these kinds of salaries or extras.  The cost to attend Oxford or Cambridge for Americans is about half the cost of attending a private college in the US, and it is nearly free for EU or UK students.

Do not get us wrong, we think many American colleges offer a great education.  However, we are not supportive of how they do this - on the backs of students...and student debt.