College - Affordable at under $400 per month

Oak Valley College offers a debt-free Bachelor of Arts in Business. Some students ask about student loans. Thinking that is the only way they can pay for college. OVC does not have them (student loans), and you do not need them. Too many young people are thinking that the only way to earn a bachelor's degree is to go into debt, tens of thousands of dollars in debt. At OVC, you can pay your tuition with a part-time job. 

Did you know that students on average take 21 years to pay off their student loans. TWENTY-ONE years. That is too long. What if you graduated with a great liberal arts education with the freedom to pursue a career, build a family, and create a life for yourself free from that twenty-one year burden? Would that be amazing? 

Check out Oak Valley College and get on a path to prosperity and financial freedom.