Absurdity of Student Debt

Today on Marketplace (NPR), there was a story of a couple who lost their home to foreclosure during the Great Recession. That was only part of the story though. The most troubling part of the story was that this couple had accumulated $600,000 in student loans - one person was a teacher and the other was an analyst.

The couple was describing how difficult it had been for them to lose their house and live as renters since the Great Recession, but what seems saddest is that their student loan debts will likely be with them the rest of their lives. It seems improbable that this couple will ever experience financial freedom.

While the Great Recession may be the catalyst of their financial troubles, the unfortunate situation is that they felt compelled to take on that much student loan debt to pursue their dreams.

Oak Valley College seeks to undercut the trend of taking on student debt. High-quality Christian education should be affordable, and that is why no Oak Valley student will take on student loans.