A View From Above

Be the Difference

By Professor Terry Morrow

PhD in Theology - Trinity Theological Seminary, MA in Theology - Simpson University, BA - Corban University. Professor Morrow began full-time ministry in 1984. He is the long-term pastor of Hillside Community Church in Wrightwood, CA, where he has led the church through growth and extensive building projects. Professor Morrow serves as the Chair of the Faculty and Professor of Theology.

Can one person make a difference?

Can one college make a difference?

Is it possible to be the force behind a change that will have a life-long affect upon the world?

Imagine what could happen when a college is united with the purpose of changing its community?

Over the last few years I have had the chance to watch different Christian liberal arts colleges lose their place of influence in the communities they serve. I asked the question, “Why? What happened that caused them to no longer be outwardly focused?” Here are a few thoughts for us to ponder.


Personal preferences. What I mean by this is, they no longer desire having just anyone come to their school. They are now targeting a specific kind of student. They have developed a culture and criteria that is satisfying the needs of their clientele and they do not see any further need to reach out.


Self-gratification. It now drives the inter-working of the institution. Once the school was about reaching the needs of the community around it, now it sees only the needs of its own college community.


Uncomfortableness. They have become uncomfortable with the way things are in their community. They are now in a self-preservation mode. They have settled into what works best just for them. Their protection mode eliminates all outside influences.

They once desired to reach out and bring in students that could benefit from their programs, but now it only seeks to protect and control those whom they have acquired.

As Oak Valley begins to see more students desiring to come into our program, my prayer is that we will never settle for comfort or protection over outreach. God has called us to be a beacon in this community. We should always desire to reach this generation with the truth of his Word.

Oak Valley exists to be a college that equips students to live, learn, and grow in their faith, service, and calling through a rigorous, practical, and debt-free liberal arts business education framed by a Christian worldview. We must always strive to be a community where each student is encouraged to be outward looking.

No matter what size Oak Valley may become, may we never forget that it was established to encourage our students to change the world, one person at a time.

God has a plan for Oak Valley and its students. It is his desire that they learn to share their faith and abilities in business to a community that needs to see Jesus modeled in both.