A View From Above

Making a Difference

By Professor Terry Morrow

PhD in Theology - Trinity Theological Seminary, MA in Theology - Simpson University, BA - Corban University. Professor Morrow began full-time ministry in 1984. He is the long-term pastor of Hillside Community Church in Wrightwood, CA, where he has led the church through growth and extensive building projects. Professor Morrow serves as the Chair of the Faculty and Professor of Theology.

We live in a fast-paced society that exceeds our ability to keep up. We have faster phones, cars, computers, coffee makers – you name it, everything moves fast today.

Though our lives have changed, we still have it good. However, when life is good, Christianity often suffers. We forget about our need for God. The Christian faith loses its relevancy and people find other things to do. Most often it is not until something unexpected happens that people, again, feel the need for God.

Tragedy will often cause people to seek out God. That “window of opportunity” to touch the hurting opens up again and the messages from the pulpits change. Preachers begin offering hope and healing to a hurting society.

Christ means hope. When a society is hurting and losing its way, the church becomes the place that people find rest for their weary souls. The Gospel of Christ is that solid foundation that the community needs when the cracks get too big to handle. When there are deep, heart-wrenching needs, the love of God becomes relevant. Often, He becomes the place of refuge for those who are lost and fearful.

Why do people seek God during times of crisis? One reason may be that they know that He understands their problems and the difficult issues of society. They know He cares.

Christianity should be the cornerstone of its community. It should be the lifeline of the surrounding community. The world should see our faith as being the bedrock for truth, morality, and inclusiveness. Those who come seeking the compassion of God should know, without a doubt, that their spiritual, emotional and physical needs are a priority to him.

People are struggling. Families are struggling. Society is struggling.

We have broken homes, families, government, laws and morality.

We are living in uncertain times.

As followers of Christ, we need to step up. We need to live out our faith.

Oak Valley was established in this community to make a difference. Through the power of the Gospel and a Christ-centered curriculum, it is changing generations for the glory of God.