A View From Above


By Professor of Theology, Terry Morrow

Our world is crying out for hope. Real hope. Not a remanufactured, fake, tossed over a cold feeling of emotions hope. But a true, caring and faith building hope. A hope that is brings a complete understanding of God’s love and commitment to us.

In a world that is trying to tell us that life has lost its value, it is imperative that the children of God offer them the living hope through knowing Christ. He is the hope of the world.

By definition, hope brings to each person a desire or expectation of getting or receiving something that will change one’s direction or understanding of a given situation. In other words, we are hoping that things will change for us. The direction that we are headed in is not working and so, we need a change. So we hope. We trust that something, anything will change. A life lived without hope struggles for direction.

This is where the hope in our relationship with God satisfies our inner longing for a good and healthy change. One aspect of God’s nature is to bring about that change in our lives. It is his love that stimulates it. God’s love creates. God’s love will also recreate. Part of our salvation experience is to see God continually change the way we are. These changes come about as we hope in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring them. When our lives line up with God’s plans, change takes place.

Hope takes the negative and turns it into a positive. Hope reassures us that we will be okay. Hope looks at life and tells us that we can make it. Hope drives our fears away and brings clarity to our confused lives. Hope is the life changing force of God.

The generations that are coming up today need the hope of God. Tomorrow will always be scary. There will be times of uncertainty. But hope, God’s hope, can bring vibrant change into a young person’s life so that they can find the hope to be effective and productive in a confused and misguided world.

Terry Morrow, PhD - Professor Morrow serves as Professor of Theology and Faculty Chair at Oak Valley. As a pastor of more than 30 years, he has led his church, Hillside in Wrightwood, to grow and thrive in the small mountain community. Professor Morrow also served on the Board of Simpson University. for several years.