Business is often viewed as a purely capitalist enterprise - the goal to create products or services and maximize profits.  However, there are plenty of businesspeople who pursue business for the challenge and freedom it allows.

Challenges may include transforming an idea into a product or service, identifying an unmet need and creating something new to fulfill that need, or enjoying participating with a team of like-minded people working together to earn a living.

Freedom for the businessperson may come through economic freedom to choose where and how to live. He/she may experience additional freedom by being able to focus on what he/she values or enjoys. Finally, freedom may be realized by having the opportunity to focus on his/her unique gifts and spending time maximizing those talents in pursuit of serving others.

This assumes that the businessperson has a healthy work and life balance. Unfortunately, many businesspeople do not experience such a healthy balance.

At Oak Valley College, you will explore what it means to balance work, life, faith, family, community, and many other things that compete for your attention. You will learn from a variety of experts who have found that balance. Come to OVC and learn more, do more, and achieve more.