Your future. Found here.

Many students are anxious to start their future, but lack direction and purpose in finding their way.  Oak Valley College students will be guided through a purposeful process to help them build a positive future for their careers, family, and community.

This process involves each student identifying his/her God-given talents and aspirations.  It is not a random process where students roam around the college curriculum exploring an unending list of elective courses.  We do not believe that offering hundreds of course options and majors really helps students find themselves.  In many ways, these choices only confuse young adults by leading them down paths that ultimately go nowhere.

While we believe choices are great.  We also believe students are better served by exploring their options within a structured framework, building on a series of experiences that help each student build practical skills for real world application.  

If you are interested in being part of this experience, join us.  Apply today.