Go boldly...

Anxious, optimistic, excited, confident, unsure - What emotion controls your future? Carrying some balance of these emotions is healthy. Too much of any one of them and you may experience disappointment, or in some cases, depression.

Like so much of what we encounter in life - balance is important to a healthy outlook. If you are overly anxious or unsure about your future, you can suffer from a paralysis and burden yourself with worries about things that may be out of your control. Conversely, if you are overly confident, optimistic, or excited, you can misread opportunities and end up with unrealistic expectations.

Be purposeful. There is nothing wrong with reaching for the stars, but be reasonable and realistic about which stars...traveling to a "galaxy far far away" may not be in your future. May the Force be with you....Too much? Sorry, could not resist. Happy holidays from your friends at Oak Valley College.