Debt - America's problem

At Oak Valley College, we are serious about tackling one of America's biggest problems - debt.  We have a simple approach - do not offer loans, and students avoid going into debt.  

The Urban Institute reports that one in three American's has a serious debt problem.  That is 77 million people.  How serious?  Those 77 million people are "in collections" for an average of roughly $5,000 of debt.  

Collections is no laughing matter.  It can ruin your credit score, and even prevent you from landing a job.  In some cases, debt may lead to serious health or family concerns, including high blood pressure, divorce, or a whole slew of other issues.

How does Oak Valley College provide a high-quality Christian education without debt?  First, we have no debt ourselves.  Many colleges are run like country clubs, or even small cities.  Tuition often pays for lavish buildings, climbing walls, unlimited food, and recreation facilities that cost millions to maintain.  

OVC has none of that.  Our focus is on education, not pampering you with a four year resort experience.  By focusing on education, you get the best educational experience at a price you can afford.

Second, we want you to have a job while you are in college.  That enables you to pay for your living expenses, and not spend your college years going further into debt.  It also enables you to move up the ladder of responsibility, not postpone that responsibility until after graduation.