Entrepreneurs are risk takers, because they put their reputation, experience and money on the line.  Therefore, successful entrepreneurs tend to experience great financial gain.  Employees on the other hand, accept less risk in exchange for a steady paycheck.  Risk-reward tends to go hand-in-hand in nearly all endeavors. 

Many people fail to recognize the risk-reward trade-off in college.  If you assume a degree is a degree, and there is really no difference in where you go, then you fail to understand the risk-reward trade-off in education.  What you study, how you study, and what type of experience you have in college are all valuable trade-offs.  You need to be a good consumer, so you can make a good choice.

If you are in a large lecture hall, there are few risks.  Homework, exams and projects will tend to be tightly controlled...safe.  Your reward in the end is going to be fairly modest.  You may learn facts and figures, but your ability to dig deeper into the subject will be limited.

In a small classroom, good education is marked by professors who challenge students, individually and specifically.  They encourage exploration, challenging your preconceived understanding of the world.  You learn more by being probed and prodded to dig deeper into the subject. 

For example, you take finance in a large lecture hall, and you are asked to invest millions of dollars in a hypothetical case study.  You will learn how the markets work, but your personal view of the markets will go unchallenged.

In a small classroom, the professor is able to learn about your approach to the problem.  Perhaps have a fairly low risk tolerance, the professor is able to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone.  You are forced to explore how taking more risk in the case study allows you to earn more on your investment.  In short, the professor is able to tailor the lesson plan based on your responses, something that cannot be done in the lecture hall.

Oak Valley College offers a small classroom experience.  Our professors challenge you, individually and specifically.  You are able to risk more, and be rewarded by learning more and being challenged to dig deeper.