Department of Labor Study Supports Oak Valley College Assumptions

A Department of Labor Study released yesterday indicates that few young adults are completing a college degree.  In the national study of 9,000 people, by 27 years of age, 32% of women and 24% of men had completed a bachelor's degree.  Based on other studies, the numbers in the Inland Empire are assumed to be well below this national figure.

If you follow our story, you know the vision of Oak Valley College is to get more students to graduate from college.  We are looking for the "diamonds in the rough" who are under-served by our current colleges and universities.  Our belief is that too many capable students are forgoing college for a host of reasons - high costs/debt, impacted classes, lack of student support, misaligned majors and dwindling career options.

Oak Valley College offers a Christian college experience where students learn practical career skills, and pursue their degree without the burden of college debt.  At Oak Valley College, you will develop high-demand skills (project management, communication, leadership, marketing and much more).  You will experience intimate class sizes, where you are taught directly by an engaged professor, not a teaching assistant or graduate student.  You will be immersed in the kind of student experience that will help you succeed in college, business and life.

Learn more, do more, achieve more at Oak Valley College.