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We have the greatest colleges and universities in the world.  We need more college graduates.  No matter how you measure success, you will be more successful if you earn a bachelor's degree.  College graduates earn more, view themselves more successfully, enjoy better relationships, and have stronger families.

If you follow us, you know we offer a debt-free education for anyone...yes, that means YOU!

In most cases, you will pay roughly what it costs to attend a community college.  You will be offered financial aid (free money, not loans) to cover up to 90% of our already reasonable tuition and fees.

To help pay the small amount of tuition and fees you are asked to pay, we will help you land a good job.   Typically, you will work 15-20 hours per week.  The purpose of working is two-fold: to pay for college and living expenses, and to help move you into your future career.

Oak Valley College is career oriented.  Each course you take is built around developing practical and applied skills.  As a liberal arts college with an orientation toward work, you develop broad problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills, while you also gain practical technical skills in project management, finance, supervision and entrepreneurship.  This will position you for a well rounded world view, and the skills today's employers seek.

You develop these skills in three years, not the typical 5-7 years it takes students to earn their bachelor's degrees at state colleges or universities.  The three years means you are able to move up the pay scale quicker and move into a more advanced career earlier than your peers.

Finally, and just as importantly, your experience is framed by a Christian worldview.  You will be surrounded by Christian professors and students who care as much about your spiritual development as your professional aspirations.  This will help you develop a greater appreciation for ethical, moral and spiritual priorities, and build for a confident outlook about your future, your family, your community and others.

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