To be Excellent

"At least it's Christian," reads a student blog from Christine Dirkes at John Paul Catholic University.  The post laments the acceptance of substandard quality sometimes reflected in Christian media, nonprofits and even churches. 

When Christ turned water into wine, he went for the good stuff.  He did not mess around with a low quality beverage.  

At the end of 1 Corinthians 12 (the chapter on gifts), the concluding comment is, "Now eagerly desire the greater gifts."

Read the entire chapter, and you will see that the Lord wants all of us to use the talents we are given to serve the Kingdom.  This service should be carried out with excellence.

I concur with the thoughts given by Christine.  Far too often we see Christian standards as less than excellent.  This is not how God intended our lives.  He wants us to excel.  

Whether you are making minimum wage at a fast food job, or you are president of a major company, your standards are to be reflective of the gifts that God gives us.  We are to strive for excellence, because that is Christ's standard.  Reflect that standard, so those around us see Christ's reflection in us.