Want to be a duke or duchess?

Trolling the Internet, there are a number of sites that will give you fake titles to royalty.  I found one that charged $45.  In some cases, you apparently can buy a real title from Scotland for about $1 million.  With all these titles, you get very little.  In most cases, a certificate.

A site devoted to protect people from these scams, www.faketitles.com, says that people often ask, "thanks for protecting me from buying a worthless title.  Now, where can I go to buy a real title?"

A quote often credited to circus pioneer P.T. Barnum, "There's a sucker born every minute."  Barnum apparently never said this, so even the quote shows the propensity to mislead.

Back to the point, being born into royalty is by pure chance.  You cannot buy your way into it.  In the best case, you can marry into it.

While royalty on Earthy may lead to riches, the Bible tells us that there is much more valuable royalty we can all join.  Being in Christ gives us access to that royal priesthood.  We are promised the greatest riches of all regardless of our Earthly birth.  Read 1 Peter, and learn more.  

At Oak Valley College, we seek to orient our students to learn more about this royal priesthood, but also to learn how to live a successful life in this world by building a great business, nonprofit or ministry.

Learn more.  Believe more.  Do more.