Is the future here? Sure it is, and it is debt-free!

Sometimes you look back at the gold old days, and wonder, "How did they ever survive?"  Look at today's automobile.  Some remember when cars were death traps - no air bags and not even seatbelts.  Now, our most advanced cars sense when you are going to crash...and avoid it.  Soon we will put a monkey in the driver's seat with a near zero chance of getting lost or crashing.

For colleges and universities, I am sure some people ask the same question, "How did they ever survive?"  Some colleges and universities are charging into the future with 100% online education, others are flipping instruction where you consume your lectures outside of class and apply what you learn to different scenarios when you are in class, and still other schools measure acquired skills rather than seat time.

Often lost in the charge toward technology-based education is what made the US higher education system the envy of the world.  Today's most effective colleges and universities still focus on the individual mentoring of the next generation of leaders.  Great professors reach out and challenge great students.

When I attended Claremont McKenna College, our President, Jack Stark's constant refrain, "Leaders in the making," echoed throughout the halls.  He never wavered from that goal, and the school has consistently ranked among the top 10 liberal arts colleges in the country.  

That focus on the individual leadership potential of students is what defines excellence in higher education, and what makes our system great.

At Oak Valley College, our goal is similar.  We seek to educate the next generation of leaders, individually and personally.  We have adopted a model that will ensure that cost and access are not barriers to entry.  Our debt-free goal for every student, means that he/she may focus on learning and developing practical leadership skills, not worrying about the crushing burden of $XXX,XXX of debt.

The future of Christian private education is here.  Check us out.