Be more than hearers

While news stories focus on Obamacare, natural disasters, mass shootings or troubles in far away places, we struggle to find how to respond.  What can you do? 

These are more than news stories.  These events are happening to real people every day.  People are hurting.  

Sometimes it seems like prayer is the only thing we can do, and it is important to pray...continuously.  Pray for your uncle who is struggling to find a job, pray for those who are world away and dealing with unimaginable poverty, pray for the leaders of the nation to get their act together and truly serve the people.

But, and this is a big but, get engaged.  Do something for someone in need.

"Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says."  James 1:22

Sometimes our world seems too distant.  There is too much to do.  Media reports about places that we have never visited, or events that are national or international in scope.

How can you change world events?  The Bible has an person at a time.

Benefits of a connected world is that it gives us limitless opportunities for engagement.  We can instantly communicate with someone from China, or get involved in a ministry or nonprofit without ever knowing someone in that group.

While events are often overwhelming, engagement does not need to be.  Here are just a few suggestions

  1. Become an online missionary through Global Media Outreach.  It is free, and you will not be asked to evangelize the world, just a few people each week.
  2. Donate a wheelchair to someone in a third world country through Free Wheelchair Mission.  Mobility changes the life of not only the person receiving the chair, but it can change an entire community.  The cost is $71.88, which is within reach of almost everyone.
  3. Donate a gift to a needy family at your church, or give a gift card to someone who is hurting this Thanksgiving.
  4. Pray...continuously.