What's the true cost of a college degree?

Go to a CSU, UC or private college, and try to get a price for the total package...your degree.  What you want is the degree, right?  But will anyone give you the total cost? 

You get interesting responses when you talk with people about the cost of higher education.  Nearly everyone agrees the costs are too high.  However, most people have no idea how much a bachelor's degree should cost, or even how much any specific degree program actually costs.  You can almost always find the per unit price or the annual cost of attendance, but nobody can guarantee how much it will cost you to complete the program.  

Annual costs for tuition and fees are around $7,500 for CSU, $15,000 for UC and may be more than $50,000 at private colleges.  The overall cost of obtaining the BA varies widely on a student by student basis because of financial aid, and the fact that it may take five, six or even more years to graduate from a state university or $70,000+.  Most private colleges will get you through your degree in four years at a cost of $200,000+.  

Why is college tuition treated more like a gym membership than buying a car or a house?  Is it because too many students change their majors?  Is it because so few students can afford to go straight through?  What if colleges gave you a set price, complete your BA with us at a cost of $XX,XXX?

At Oak Valley College we have chosen a different path.  First, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable obtaining a BA in Business will be at OVC (most students pay roughly what it costs to attend a community college - $60-$80 per unit depending on your family income and the need-based financial aid package you receive).  Second, we outline the total cost of the entire degree program before you enroll in your first course.  We value the end of the path, which is obtaining your degree.  No surprises.  

This is another reason to look at Oak Valley College.  We think you will appreciate our approach.