Graduate debt-free

If you come to Oak Valley College, our commitment is you will graduate with your BA debt-free.  We offer extraordinary need-based aid.  In most cases, students will pay what it costs to attend community college.  In some cases, students may pay a little more.  

Many people ask how we do that, and provide a high-quality education.  The answer is simple, we have very low overhead.

Oak Valley College does not have any debt (like you, we do not like debt).  We rely on a lot of volunteers and donated services.  We provide exceptional coursework and classroom support, and we do not have country club like facilities or expensive athletic programs.  The resources we use go directly toward learning.  

Finally, we are unusually small, so we are not overly complex.  We have a fairly simple strategic plan, which translates to very little overhead.  In the end, nearly every dollar goes directly toward teaching.

If graduating without debt sounds like something you want to pursue, contact or learn more by visiting our Tuition and Aid page.