Oak Valley College is about connecting students to opportunities, professional networks, peers, mentors and leaders.  A lot of colleges have forgotten about the power of the connection.  The large class sizes, the amateur athletic programs, the billion dollar endowments, and the world-class researchers.  While these are all great things, they tend to do little for the everyday student.  How many of those students benefit from a future Hall of Fame athlete, or the Nobel researcher they will never meet?

Oak Valley College believes in doing the little things, and doing them well.  People ask, "Why start a college?"  The reason is because so few students have access to high-quality, personalized education.  Anyone with a million dollars in the bank can gain access to the great education, but for those with modest resources, the options are very limited.

You will not find this kind of educational opportunity at a local community college.  Even most traditional  private Christian liberal arts colleges barely resemble their founding mission of personalized attention, small class sizes and a dedication to teaching over everything else.

This is not meant as a criticism.  Clearly, most consumers prefer these options.  They want a huge school, with top-tier athletic programs, and enormous endowments.  

Oak Valley College is not that kind of school, and that is why we are not for the masses.  We want to provide a tailored, personalized education.  We want to transform each student based on his/her dreams.  We want to excel in everything we do.  And we want students to graduate with practical career options...and no debt.

If you want this, too.  Learn more about what we have to offer.