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When you see students learning in a small cohort, you gain an appreciation for the family-centered learning environment that makes Oak Valley uniquely personal. Earning your bachelor’s degree should be a transformational experience, and at Oak Valley that transformation comes from engaging with a small group of peers. You work together and live, learn, and grow together.

Come to Oak Valley College - Now Accepting Applications for Fall 2019

Apply now, and we will waive the $50 Application Fee as soon as you make a campus visit. This is a great time for you to plan for the future and explore what a debt-free college experience is like. No student loans means freedom from the crushing debt that most students face. What are you waiting for? You will earn your degree in three years at Oak Valley College for less than the cost of a single semester at most private colleges. Apply today and get the best financial aid package.

Welcome the Class of 2021

Classes are underway, and a new cohort has joined the Class of 2019 and 2020. Fall Semester is the best time to come for a campus visit. If you or someone you know wants to come to OVC in Fall 2019, now is the time to start the process. Visit campus, talk with professors and students, and consider what life may be like for the class of 2022.

This is your time to join something great and become part of a college experience built around you Apply today, or contact Amber Lesseg,, Admissions Counselor, to arrange for a campus visit.

Join others...but in a different way

Today's most popular undergraduate major is business or related to business. The reason is simple, business education is almost universally applicable to every industry, professional pursuit, or endeavor. Simply put, as the cliche says, you cannot go wrong...with a business education.

This is not to say that there is no benefit to study English, philosophy, history, (frankly, this is why we, at Oak Valley College, believe a liberal arts business education is the best choice you can make....and the only choice OVC offers).

Oak Valley College Connects with Roy Graham (grandson of Billy Graham) and Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute

Roy Graham, grandson of Billy Graham and son of Franklin Graham, and Brad Dacus, President of Pacific Justice Institute approached Oak Valley College President Blum and Executive Vice President Leonard last night following a presentation of Oak Valley College to a meeting of business and ministry leaders at the Barnabas Group (

Perhaps you are too young to know Billy Graham.

Student Government

Student elections took place today, and we congratulate President Stephen Mendoza, Vice President Hannah Morris, and Secretary Lucy McDonald. Together, they will lead Student Government over the next twelve months with attention focusing on student life, committees, and clubs. 

Minimalism Creates Value

Titles sometimes feel misleading, as in the title of this piece, but there is a point. Oak Valley College evokes a sort of minimalist approach that students, professors, and benefactors recognize as carrying a great deal of value. Minimalism, by definition, carries its value through efficiency. 

Apply to Oak Valley College and Waive the $50 Application Fee

Apply to Oak Valley College. The application is free, and you will earn your Bachelor of Arts in three years. You study with a small group of students and live, learn, and grow together as a family. You earn your degree with no student loans and experience the freedom of starting off your career with the flexibility to do whatever you want without the burden of student loan debt. 

Happy New Year

What if your New Year's Resolution was to change the world, get better educated, and not go into debt? Oak Valley College may provide the means to accomplish all three things at the same time. Wishing you the best 2018. May the world be at peace (yes, we can still pray for that). May you improve your situation in life. May your friends and family enjoy great prosperity and health.

Good Times! or Good Times?

Consumer sentiment is high, according to the University of Michigan survey. Unemployment is low, the lowest it has been since 2000 says the New York Times. The stock market continues to peak. Yet, what you read and see in the media, and what you hear from most politicians are things are bad...maybe even awful. What is the reality? Could this be the best of times and the worst of times? 

College - Affordable at under $400 per month

Oak Valley College offers a debt-free Bachelor of Arts in Business. Some students ask about student loans. Thinking that is the only way they can pay for college. OVC does not have them (student loans), and you do not need them. Too many young people are thinking that the only way to earn a bachelor's degree is to go into debt, tens of thousands of dollars in debt. At OVC, you can pay your tuition with a part-time job.