For Students Considering Music and the Arts

Many music and arts students are torn whether they should pursue their "passion" or a practical degree.  

Consider a third option.  OVC is uniquely flexible.  While we do not offer music or arts majors, students can easily dovetail their passion into a practical pursuit.  

First, consider that you can apply business skills to serve a ministry or nonprofit that focuses on music and the arts.  

Second, the local area is full of music and arts programs that you can pursue while completing your degree. 

If you want to play a musical instrument, consider joining one of the local symphonies or orchestras.  If you want to get into music education, you can pursue that during the morning, while you complete your degree in the afternoon.




With the thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars you save in tuition, you can put some of that money into professional music lessons, art courses, or other pursuits.  The local area (Riverside, Redlands, San Bernardino) offer a multitude of opportunities to allow you to get plugged-in.  You can receive one-on-one professional coaching or lessons at a fraction of what it would cost you to pursue a degree in music or the arts.  In most cases, the instruction you receive will be just as good (most college professors offer lessons), and more personalized, than what you receive in a college classroom.

It may not be the same, but we think it is a good alternative - a practical debt-free education, so you have the resources to pursue your passion.  Contact us to talk about how an OVC degree allows you to pursue your passion in a practical way -

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