Mentoring, JOBS, and Internships

One-on-one mentoring provides you with access to a mature leader who will discuss career opportunities, provide access to a professional network, and give advice about life, work, and faith. Having a mentor is a great way to live, learn, and grow in a myriad of ways and tap into experience and expertise that can help you with many of your future decisions and choices. Mentors willingly make themselves available to students in an open, candid, and caring way.

Jobs provide students with the opportunity to work, part-time, and earn money for tuition and expenses. Job opportunities are regularly available from Oak Valley College supporters. Several students have found rewarding job opportunities that fit well with their school schedule.

Internships provide a way for you to gain access to a workplace experience and explore many facets of work in a low-stress engagement. Typically, interns go once or twice a week to shadow someone or work on small projects for a business, nonprofit, or ministry. Internships may be paid, but most often, they are voluntary and considered educational. While work products and outcomes may benefit the employer, the primary benefit is your professional development. 

Your academic work at Oak Valley College always comes first. Therefore, to participate in mentoring, work, or an internship, you should meet the following criteria:

  1. Maintain a 2.5+ GPA
  2. Discuss your mentoring, job, or internship with your academic advisor
  3. Submit an up to date resume and cover letter
  4. Internship - identify a regular schedule of availability that does not conflict with your work or academic schedule, typically, during regular work hours/days (e.g. Fridays, 8 am - 5 pm)
  5. Mentoring - commit to provide monthly updates to your mentor via email to share your current successes, challenges, and aspirations

A mentor will be assigned to you as soon as you are ready to be mentored. Job opportunities are posted on a bulletin board in the Lounge. Internships are competitive in nature. Similar to a job, internship placement is a selective process where you will apply for the internship and may be selected based on your availability and fit within the organization. 

For more details, email