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The Oak Valley College Marketing Mastermind Group

  Mark Leonard, MBA   Executive Vice President, Oak Valley College

Mark Leonard, MBA

Executive Vice President, Oak Valley College

  Eric Blum, MPA   President, Oak Valley College

Eric Blum, MPA

President, Oak Valley College

Focus, discipline, inspiration, continuous improvement – these are required ingredients for building and sustaining a healthy business. But if you're like most business owners and managers, you know how hard it is to cook with these ingredients every day.

You might be one of those people who has new ideas every morning when you get out of bed. The challenge for you is determining which ideas to implement, and how to remain focused on the vital practices that will grow your business, and avoid chasing butterflies and shiny objects.

Or maybe you are someone who is really good at executing a certain set of ideas, and you struggle to see new solutions to your business challenges. Your challenge is to put yourself in an environment that stimulates your idea machine. That's why we've created The OVC Marketing Mastermind Group.

We are expert managers, guides, and teachers. We are really good at creating a structure that encourages focus, discipline, inspiration, and continuous improvement. As a group of business owners and marketers, our mastermind group will learn together, help each other solve problems, and keep one another accountable to the vision we set for our business.

Our Marketing Mastermind Group is devoted to sharing ideas and building the kind of trust required for us to give honest, sincere encouragement and accountability to one another as we work to grow our businesses.

Three Mastermind Group Principles

  1. Accountability – Each month you set goals for the coming month, and every member will be asked to report their progress on those goals. We are about getting things done.
  2. Shared Ideas and Encouragement – There is power in other's experiences and knowledge. We will create a space to share ideas with other professional marketers and business owners.
  3. Personal Development – My hope is that participating in the group will help owners and managers grow as professional marketers. Let's be better at what we do.

Typical Meeting Agenda


  1. Wins and Losses
  2. Obstacles
  3. Learnings
  4. Needs
  5. Current Efforts


Either I, or a guest speaker will present on a marketing/business related topic – marketing metrics, strategic development, website effectiveness, digital advertising, etc. My goal is to help members of the group stay on top of an ever-changing marketing environment. We can't be masters of every platform or strategy, but this is a way for us to be aware of some of the most important marketing topics and tools. And it just might spark an idea that you can use in your business.

Business Checkup

Each person in the group reports on their performance against the previous month's goals, and each person sets new goals for the upcoming month. Everyone has a different style of working, and different things motivate us. For me, it's helpful to infuse some measure of accountability into my work life. If I know that I'm going to have to answer the question, "How'd you do on your goals this month?" I'm more likely to keep those goals at the top of my mind while I'm in the daily grind. This isn't about judgment, it's about getting important work done.


If you think this Marketing Mastermind Group would help you or your company's marketing staff with the objectives you've set for your business, then let's take the next step. Submit the form below, and I'll contact you to talk about available seats (our groups have a maximum of 8 members each).

There is a fee associated with membership; I work pretty hard to maintain a high value for my mastermind members. But if you come to a meeting and decide it's not for you, I'll refund or waive your first month's fee. So give this a test drive – risk free. I have no desire to charge anyone if the value isn't there for them. I hope to hear from you soon.

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