What if you could earn your bachelor’s degree in 32 months for less than the cost of single semester at most private colleges and with NO STUDENT LOANS? That is what Oak Valley provides for you. You come to Oak Valley prepared to take a full course load over eight semesters, like every other college. The difference is you attend school year round, and earn your degree in less than three years, simply by getting every class you need to graduate and completing two summer semesters. It is not more work. By being more focused in what you take and when you take it, you are able to graduate on time and without student loans.

Life at Oak Valley College is "full."  However, the work and schedule is not overwhelming.  Below is a "typical" weekly schedule for an Oak Valley student.

Weekday - Monday-Thursday

Morning - Work at part-time job (8:00am-noon)

Mid-day - Lunch with other students, homework, prepare for class (noon-2:00pm)

Afternoon - Class 1 2:30-4:00 pm and Class 2 4:30-6:00 pm

Evening - Dinner, homework, and free time (6:00pm-10:00pm)


Friday morning - Study

Friday mid-day - Work

Friday afternoon/evening - Work or free time

Saturday morning - Community service

Saturday mid-day - Free time

Saturday afternoon/evening - Group project/homework/free time

Sunday morning - Church

Sunday mid-day - Study

Sunday evening - Young adult group/study/free time

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