Get off the ground

Launching your career is a big part of your experience at Oak Valley College.  The Launch Pad is an interactive program enabling you to learn everything that goes into creating today's most exciting products and services. 

Beyond most college exmperiences, the Launch Pad focuses on teaching you the product and service lifecycle from inception to implementation.  You learn by doing.

Four stages emphasize the Launch Pad process

  1. Ideation - creating ideas that transform companies, nonprofits, or ministries
  2. Creation - narrowing the scope of the idea into a refined product or service
  3. Development - identifying the resources and requirements to launch the product or service
  4. Launch - implementing the plan to successfully offer the product or service





Whether you have your own idea or want to help others pursue a dream that excites you, you have a role to play in the Launch Pad.  You will experience the success and challenges of creating a product or service.  

With the completion of your project, you will have a portfolio experience to show prospective employers.  What you learn, and what you do, will help you launch your career.  

Your product or service may be commercial, or may benefit a nonprofit, ministry or government.  It is up to you, and your team.  Our professors will guide you through every step of the process and put you on the path to succeed.



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