Oak Valley College Vision

Oak Valley College aspires to follow in the tradition of selective liberal arts colleges. As a liberal arts college, faculty, administration, and students are dedicated, first and foremost, to teaching students. Oak Valley’s mission is to educate you to think critically, solve complex problems, write effectively, and present information with clarity and conviction.

More specifically, the College traces its distinct heritage to Berea College (www.berea.edu) and other similar work-colleges. Work-colleges are unique schools that integrate practical experience with the goal to make the college experience practical, affordable, and attainable for more students.  

At Oak Valley, you work to achieve both personal and professional goals in an environment shaped by Christian values. These values include love over hate, human dignity, and peace with justice. This environment frees you to be an active learner dedicated to a principled career and a heart for service.

Oak Valley is a Christian college, but not a Bible college. Christian principles and teaching are found throughout the college curriculum, so you explore Christian values within each course. The goal is for you to apply a Christian worldview to solve complex problems, approach ethical dilemmas, balance priorities, and make important decisions. 

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
— Mark 8:36

Pastor Dane Aaker speaks about the heart of Oak Valley College and the vision of its founder in one of his sermons.