The dean oversees the faculty and serves as the Chief Academic Officer. As CAO, the dean is responsible for academic quality, reviewing the quality of instruction, mentoring, coaching, and supervising faculty. The dean also performs annual faculty performance reviews, which entail a class visit and write-up, which includes a discussion with each faculty member to encourage continuous improvement.

Specifically, the Dean:

  1. Mentors and evaluates faculty

  2. Sets academic standards

  3. Oversees student evaluation policies and procedures

  4. Develops policies and procedures for academic records management

  5. Develops and implements policies and procedures for faculty evaluation

  6. Analyzes and evaluates academic credit, internally and externally (admissions standards and transfer credit)

  7. Recommends program revisions

  8. Provides for continuous improvement in teaching

  9. Tracks program review to ensure quality and integrity of curriculum and courses

  10. Prepres and analyzes program learning outcomes

  11. Manages graduation requirements and standards

  12. Serves as staff to the Academic Affairs Committee and oversees faculty governance

Faculty chair

The Faculty Chair is independent of College administration. The Chair is a peer-leader for the faculty, and as such, plays a unique role to provide a faculty voice and leadership role for guiding both formal an informal discussions with faculty.

The chair is also a mentor and role model for other faculty. The dean works closely with the chair prior to the semi-annual faculty meetings to ensure that the voice of the faculty is heard and blended in with administrative and academic decision-making.

If faculty feel their voice is not being heard by administration, or if there are sensitive matters that need to be addressed anonymously, the Chair is available to listen to those concerns.

Lead Faculty

Lead faculty serve as pseudo department heads (Oak Valley does not have departments). In this role, the faculty are experts on the curriculum in their area (business, theology, and general education).

The dean relies on lead faculty to provide insights on curriculum decisions, referrals for prospective adjunct faculty hires, and insight on quality control and assurance.

While lead faculty do not serve a formal administrative role, they are influential in guiding the overall learning outcomes and student success in their areas.

Qualifications for Lead Faculty include teaching experience at the college and broad exposure to the college mission, vision and values.

Core Adjunct Faculty

Core Adjunct Faculty are recognized by their service to the College. These individuals regularly participate in activities and programs outside of the classroom, including faculty development programs, student advising, fundraisers, or student events.

adjunct faculty

Adjunct faculty teach single courses and support the college through their expertise and service.

recruitment, evaluation, and promotion of faculty

Recruiting faculty is ongoing. Adjunct faculty members must be Christian, have a graduate degree from a regionally accredited institution, and expertise in the field of study they wish to teach. For consideration, email resume/CV to

For first-time teaching at Oak Valley, the Dean will observe a day of instruction, provide feedback, and review opportunities for improvement with the faculty member. At the conclusion of the semester, the dean will review student evaluations, and the adjunct faculty member will provide an evaluation of his/her teaching assignment.

Promotion to Adjunct Faculty to Core Adjunct Faculty may be made at any time by the request of the faculty member or the dean. Promotion to Lead Faculty is made based on the needs of the College and the expertise required.

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