WASC is Coming to Oak Valley

What an amazing time in the history of Oak Valley, and YOU PLAY A PIVOTAL ROLE in the process. We welcome your input and questions as we move forward in the push toward Initial Accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and College.

From time to time, we will provide updates on the process, and some attention will be given to accreditation at each Faculty Senate meting. Next meeting is 6 pm, June 10. The accreditation topic we will explore at that meeting will be Integrity and Transparency, which covers how we promote Oak Valley to the community and stakeholders (the Board, faculty, students, the general public, government, etc.) Future topics will cover Teaching and Learning, Scholarship and Creative Activities, Student Learning and Success, Organizational Structures and Decision Making, Quality Assurance, and Institutional Learning and Improvement.

This process culminates in our Site Visit, which is scheduled for September 18-20. You will receive an invitation to faculty forums held on one of those days. Please reserve the dates on your calendar.

WASC is coming!