Christian Worldview - Faculty Perspective

Here, at Oak Valley, we highlight that students experience a Christian worldview. As a faculty member, what does that mean for you? First, we should highlight Oak Valley’s Statement of Faith ( This defines what Oak Valley, as an organization, upholds to students, parents, faculty, staff, and stakeholders.

Beyond that there is the Honor Code ,, which articulates the behaviors we consider to be aligned with the mission, vision, and values of Oak Valley, primarily for students, but secondarily for staff, faculty, and stakeholders.

These two documents only go so far, however, to create a Christian worldview. Like so many things when you create definitions you hope to catch the “spirit” or intent of the culture and community, but putting things in words is somewhat limiting.

What is the spirit of Oak Valley when it comes to creating a Christian worldview? First, of course, is that it is centered on Christ as our redeemer and savior. Second, the Christian worldview is centered on our ability to act in and through the Love of Christ as exemplified and carried out through the Gospel message. This includes Christ’s teaching, but also the examples left by the Apostles and early Christians.

So as a faculty member, perhaps you think this is primarily the role and responsibility of “theology” courses, a prayer before class, or some kind of chapel service. Perhaps you attended a Christian school, and that is what you experienced.

The fact is a Christian worldview should be all encompassing…because it is how you view the world. It should frame our approach in how we teach each subject and engage with every student. A Christian worldview, should be the lens that colors our actions.

At Oak Valley, we aspire to build a community-centric embodiment of the Holy Spirit working in our lives and lives of those around us, creating a culture and experience where students, professors, and staff live, work, and engage in the struggles of life as a Christian community. How that is manifested is really up to us and the will of the Holy Spirit working through each one of us.

We hope to see you at next week’s faculty meeting - 6 pm, Monday, June 10, where Professor Morrow will help us review the Statement of Faith and facilitate a discussion about how that frames the Christian worldview we are attempting to create at Oak Valley.