Money Matters

Oak Valley College does not offer student loans. Why?

College is about pushing you forward, not holding you back with a mountain of debt. 

At OVC, you automatically receive a generous scholarship, so the cost of tuition is under $15,000 to earn the entire degree (less than one semester at most private colleges).

You have two ways to make your tuition payment.

  1. Pay $395 per month on the Monthly Payment Plan
  2. Pay your full tuition each semester (less than $2,000 per semester)






OVC's work-college program encourages you to work half-time while attending school. you may end up earning enough to cover tuition and expenses. 

  • John Doe earns $880 per month - $11 per hour x 20 hours per week.
  • Jane Doe earns $720 per month - $12 per hour x 15 hours per week.

Both students earn enough to cover monthly tuition ($395) with a few hundred dollars extra to cover books, supplies, gas, insurance, and other expenses.*

Many Oak Valley College students work at local companies who are familiar and supportive of the College. The College has helped several students with job placement. In some instances, when necessary and when a student demonstrates the ability to work more hours, the College has supported students who work around 30 hours per week. Typically, however, students are discouraged from working more than 20 hours per week.

 *Informational purposes only.  Apply today