Money Matters

Oak Valley College does not offer student loans. Why?

College is about pushing you forward, not holding you back with a mountain of debt. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that college costs have increased 227% in the last 20 years.

Oak Valley College focuses on paying outstanding professors, not high-paid administrators or expensive facilities. Buildings do little to improve learning outcomes - teaching does.

At OVC, you automatically receive a generous scholarship, so the cost of tuition is reduced to $1,580 per semester.  

Many students opt for a monthly payment plan, which is $395 per month for students next fall (plus a $50 per semester convenience fee).







OVC's work-college program encourages you to work half-time while attending school. you may end up earning enough to cover tuition and expenses. 

  • John Doe earns $880 per month - $11 per hour x 20 hours per week.
  • Jane Doe earns $720 per month - $12 per hour x 15 hours per week.

Both students earn enough to cover monthly tuition ($395) with a few hundred dollars extra to cover books, supplies, gas, insurance, and other expenses.*

 *Informational purposes only.  Apply today